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    We're on a mission to help students manage their money better

    Consumer Finance Education

    It's lit!

    ClevR is an online platform that wants to steer Students clear of debt. The platform is loaded with cool tools (tech stuff) for tertiary students who want to teach themselves how to manage their money.

    We help students become the Captain of their Money Management ship. Our aim is to help Students navigate their money matters, even if we're talking about a little bit of money, by combining education with learning outcomes and rewards.


    How ClevR will a Student be who has used the platform? ...

    1. You'd be able to spot predatory debt from many miles away. Yes, we are creating a sea of loans sharks with serious #FOMO.

    2. The idea of living within a budget will no longer feel like a "sci-fi" movie set in the year 2050.

    3. About savings: you'll know how to set a savings goal and live it.

    4. Imagine replacing those paralysing feelings of hopeless and fear with feelings of possibility!


    Watch how this crazy student loans bubble is about to destroy us:



    How we support you:


    Yes we are a web-app but we will be totally accessible across all devices, not like #fintech drones and stuff. You'll know that we're heading to your campus for an on-site activation when you get the news from Student Support Office or Campus Management. This news could take the form of a poster around campus with a headline that looks something like this: "Hangout with the ClevRs".


    Why us:

    Adeliah Jacobs, Founder of ClevR has +10 years of big-budget and zero-budget campaign management experience. This means she's had to become resourceful as heck over the years. She signed up for a credit card in 1995 when she was that none-the-wiser-about-money student herself. It took the better part of 17 years to settle this debt. There are hoards of stories like this from people you least expect to hear it from. What kept her strong was resilience, speaking the goal to become financially free to life and sticking to that plan.


    We believe that you're never too young or too old to have financial freedom.


    Who's with us?


    B-BBEE Profile:


    ClevR is a B-BBEE Level 1, Woman-Owned company thus affording Financial Service Providers a 135% reward for contracting us to be your financial education service provider.

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    We are on a mission to create a generation of financially capable citizens

    Adeliah Jacobs

    Chief Hug Officer

    AJ's favorite things to do in the whole world are smile, hug, and high five. Awesome was probably her first word, and she uses it to describe anyone and everyone – because what gets her out of bed in the morning are the people that make this world move, and she’s on a mission to help them move it.

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